Monthly Service Contracts

  • Remote Cleaning & Tune-Up Services

    • - All services are performed remotely.
    • - This plan requires an active Internet connection.
    • - Remote services are performed every first (1st) and third (3rd) Friday anywhere between the hours of 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM. Due to this, you are required to leave any contracted PC’s on overnight from Thursday into Friday.
    • - Services include: disk defragmentation, disk cleanup, deletion of unused programs, and overall diagnostic of system (suggestions will be provided in a report).

  • Remote Cleaning & Tune-Up Services + Virus & Spyware Removal

    • - All services included in ‘Remote Cleaning & Tune-Up Services’ service plan.
    • - Also includes virus & spyware removal.
    • - Follows the same schedule as the ‘Remote Cleaning & Tune-Up Services’ service plan.

  • Hard-Drive Duplication & Off-Site Storage

    • - Requires a one-time $200 setup fee (billed on the day of the duplication).
    • - Involves a one-time visit to the location.
    • - Services include: re-installation of Windows operating system (discs to be provided by customer), as well as any crucial software that is required for everyday business use.
    • - Duplicated hard-drive will be stored off-site and can a restoration can be restored at any time.
    • - This service ensures that, in the event of a disaster where your PC is unusable, your PC can be restored in a matter of minutes.
    • - The customer is still responsible for backing up any personal files, etc. This duplication only maintains backups of the operating system and necessary software packages.


  • Remote Clean

    $75 / month / PC

  • Remote Clean + Virus/Spyware

    $100 / month / PC

  • HDD Duplication/Storage

    $50 / month / HDD